Felicity Jones Plays Coy About Black Cat Role in Sony’s Spider-Man Franchise

Before The Amazing Spider-Man 2 officially hit theaters, it was revealed that actress Felicity Jones had joined the cast “in an unspecified role,” which she seemed to indicate later put her on “the dark side.” Upon the film’s release, we finally learned her character’s name was “Felicia,” leading us all to believe she would take on the role of Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, as the franchise progressed.

Speaking with GQ, Jones was asked about playing the part in the series as it progressed to which she replied: “Being vacuum-packed into a leather suit, doing backflips?! I’d love that. Can you start a petition for me?”

This is one of two potential things. A. Jones knows what Sony has planned and is just playing along that she’s unaware (as she’s done in the past), or B. She really doesn’t know if she’ll be playing the character in a future film, which isn’t unlikely given the franchise appears to be in limbo. Sony is already working on a female-led spinoff film for their Spider-Man franchise. Does this mean Jones is or isn’t involved in that planned film?

 Lisa Joy Nolan (“Burn Notice”) is currently scripting the female-led film, which is targeting a 2017 release. Though details are sparse, it’s possible Jones’ character could be absent. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

(Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com)