John Williams Praises Early Cut of Rise of Skywalker

Even though fans will have to wait a bit longer to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, one notable figure already has great praise for the film. John Williams, the long-time composer for the series (and other films), recently spoke with Ben Hoyle at The Times about it. According to Hoyle, Williams is currently working on its score, and he has high hopes based on what he’s seen.

“Williams beams when he talks about watching an early cut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which will bring the nine-film space saga to an end this Christmas,” wrote Hoyle. Williams “likes what he has seen ‘very much’ and has so far written about 25 minutes of score in about a month.”

As part of the feature, Williams explained how much his process has changed over the years. However, his devotion remains completely intact.

“I don’t write any better than I did 30 years ago,” said Williams. “Maybe not as well. I probably know more than I did 30 years ago, but I have less physical energy.”

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But as legendary as his music is to some, Williams remains humble about his work.

“I can’t take any of this terribly seriously, because I’m a musician standing on the shoulders of what people have done in other centuries of music,” added Williams.

The Rise of Skywalker will likely serve as a finale to Williams’ Star Wars run, which got its start with the original in 1977.  The full interview is available here, although it is behind a pay wall.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters on December 20. What do you want to hear what Williams’ score for the film? Let us know in the comments below!