Hasbro Announces Mojoworld Con Exclusive and Japanese Spider-Man

In a presentation live on Instagram today, Hasbro revealed this year’s big “convention exclusive” Marvel Legends set. Rather than being exclusive to a convention, however, it’s simply going to go up for preorder on Hasbro Pulse tomorrow starting at 1pm eastern. It’s a Mojoworld set, featuring an all-new deluxe Mojo figure, accompanied by Longshot, Dazzler, and a super-deformed Mojoverse Wolverine. No word yet on price, but recent figure tabs suggest it’ll be upwards of $100.

Also up for preorder at the same time: the first-ever American action figure of the Japanese Spider-Man. Toei’s cult TV show version deviated significantly from Marvel canon, but earned a cult following in the years since it aired. It also directly inspired the Power Rangers. Japanese Spider-Man was the first Japanese show in which a defeated enemy subsequently gets larger, requiring the hero to jump inside giant robot to fight back. The character will also return in the upcoming Spider-Verse sequels.

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In addition to these, the retro-animated carded Fantastic Four line continues with Firelord, and an Iron Man retro-card line debuts with a War Machine repaint. The next Disney+ wave with the build-a-figure Infinite Ultron adds Sharon Carter to the lineup that previously announced both Hawkeyes and both Moon Knights. And the retro 3-3/4 inch line does its first oversized figure with a Sentinel that has two weapon attachments and an alternate head. All of these start preorders tomorrow at 1pm as well.

A bag-headed Spider-Man in Fantastic Four outfit will come later, and a new Gambit got strongly hinted.

Take a look though the gallery below for some official pics. Then tell us which one you like best in comments.

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