Spider-Man 2 to Break Mexico Screen Count

Spider-Man 2 hasn’t even opened and it’s already broken a record! Variety says that Buena Vista Columbia TriStar Films, the sequel’s distributor in Mexico, has secured a record 1,500 screen in the country for when it opens there on July 2, the same day as here in the U.S. The distributor is eyeing a record-breaking box office performance for the film.

Spider-Man opened in Mexico in 2002 on 620 copies. The film pulled in $31.3 million, beating “Titanic’s” $27.1 million in ticket receipts.

Spider-Man 2 will be accompanied by a new Mexican short, “El Show del Vampiro” (The Vampire Show), produced by Graco Film, marking the second time BVC-TF has tagged a Mexican short onto a film it distributes.

Source: Variety