New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photos and Felicity Jones on Her Character

Andrew Garfield, two Spidey stunt doubles and Paul Giamatti (The Rhino) were spotted filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in New York City the last couple of days and we’ve got photos from the shoot! You can check out the gallery by clicking here.

Also, after being asked if she is playing Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, in the sequel earlier this week, Felicity Jones talked a bit more about the character with the Belfast Telegraph.

“It’s TOP secret. I can tell you that she’s sort of on the baddie’s side, but I can’t explain much more than that,” she said. Jones added: “”Just the scale was incredible. It’s a different challenge to be on an enormous set, surrounded by hundreds of extras, as opposed to just being 20 people in the room.”

Click here or on the photo below to view the full gallery!

(Photos by Raymond Hall/WireImage)