Hasbro Re-ups Disney Deal With Star Wars, Marvel, and Indiana Jones


Anyone who buys Marvel Legends and Star Wars toys can expect their collection to keep looking consistent for the near future. Hasbro today announced an unspecified multi-year extension of its toy deals with Disney and Lucasfilm for two of its most lucrative likenesses — and the return of an old one. (At the same time, however, they could not manage to keep the rights to Frozen and the other Disney Princesses, who will return to Mattel.) Starting in 2023, Indiana Jones will return to mass retail toys for the first time since 2008.

Following on the success of Star Wars, Kenner initially made 3-3/4 inch scale Raiders of the Lost Ark toys in 1982. They lost the license to LJN in 1984, which made larger, harder-to-find figures for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Hasbro would purchase Kenner, and later regain the license. With the release of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008, they created 3-3/4 inch figures and playsets spanning all four movies. However, that line, while hotly anticipated, featured paint work and proportion problems. And those killed its popularity with fans prematurely before the company could adjust. For 2023, the new line should span the franchise, including the next movie. And it will likely feature the first official Indy figures outside of Disney parks in a 6-inch scale.

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“We’re proud to deepen our close working relationship and collaborate with the Disney team to bring innovative and engaging play experiences to kids, fans, and families inspired by some of the world’s most iconic entertainment brands,” said Eric Nyman, Chief Consumer Officer, Hasbro. “In addition to a slate of new collectibles, figures, role play gear, and games for Star Wars and Marvel, it’s an honor to bring Indiana Jones back to Hasbro and help introduce the beloved franchise to a new generation of fans.”

Yes, Indiana Jones Monopoly, Risk, and Mr. Potato Head seem inevitable as well. Maybe even retro Kenner-style figures, as they’ve done with Star Wars lately. Just don’t expect any screen-accurate Nazis, for obvious reasons.

What do you hope to see from Hasbro and Dr. Jones? Let us know in comments.

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