A Muddy Mandalorian Leads off This Week’s Star Wars Hasbro Reveals

In just over a month now, Hasbro‘s PulseCon should showcase a bunch of new toy reveals and surprises. In the meantime, however, they still want to keep a steady stream of announcements coming. Yesterday’s Star Wars livestream, however, mostly featured repaints, with a small handful of new figures among many more who got fancy repaints for an upcharge. Fans who like the painting-style “credit collection” and shiny “Carbonized” figures are in luck. For the rest? Well, the highlight of the reveals became an extremely muddy Mandalorian.

Based on the second episode of season 1, this Mandalorian figure utilizes the original sculpt, with a caked-on mud effect. He also comes with Grogu in the classic season 1 hover pram (first time in the line!), complete with new closed-eye Grogu head. And what would a mud-splattered figure be without a Mudhorn egg? This is the sort of repaint that makes sense, since the original Mandalorian Black Series figure remains hard to find, and Grogu moves product as easily as he moves Mudhorns. Other Mandalorian repaints in this scale add to the credit collection, with the likes of Greef Karga and Moff Gideon.

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For an all-new figure in the 6-inch line, the Lucasfilm 50th anniversary collection continues to upsize old 3-3/4 packaging to produce Ceremonial Leia. Less new is the Gaming Greats Jet Trooper, with blue highlights and a Mandalorian-ish rocket pack.

In the 3-3/4 vintage collection, more Mandalorian characters like the Flametrooper and Armorer get the shiny, costlier “Carbonite” finish. And Hasbro revealed some actual new figures in this scale, like Bib Fortuna and Lobot. Finally, a new Rey Skywalker Force FX lightsaber debuted, with cloth-wrapped handle, opening “petals,” yellow blade and more. Up next will be Leia Organa’s Jedi training lightsaber, though Hasbro showed no images yet.

Take a look through the gallery below to see all the reveals, from muddy Mandalorian to multipack of Stormtroopers. Preorders for the  Stormtrooper pack begin at 1 pm EST on Hasbro Pulse and Shop Disney; the Vintage Collection Lando/Teebo/Palpatine/Lobot/Bib/IG-11 wave and the Rey lightsaber do likewise at most online retailers. Look for the new Carbonized figures at Walmart this fall, and the credit collection across various retailers in spring.

Tell us which reveals are your faves in comments!

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