Dark Crystal season 1 episode 4 recap

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Much like Brea descended into the depths below her mother’s throne, so do we venture further into The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It’s fitting seeing as things just keep getting darker. Rian remained on the run until forced to convince his pursuers of his sanity. Brea faced a puzzle that forced her to question the social segmentation between the Gelfling clans. But no amount of discovery could prepare any of Thra’s heroes for the impending conflict. 

What You Seek

Not even the return of the Ornamentalist can quell the Skeksis’ thirst for essence. SkekTek remains locked away repairing his machine as skekVar places the blame for Rian’s escape at skekSil’s feet. The fight continues as skekSo’s body begins to fail him. The pain causes him to lash out, removing skekSil as his right hand and nominating skekVar as his replacement. His first task: end this crisis by retrieving Rian. But the Emperor stops skekVar’s near-fatal torture of Rian in favor of a different plan. SkekSil’s summoning of the Hunter took Rian off skekVar’s hands, so now the General must go the Ha’rar and retrieve seven Gelfling to satiate their lust for essence.

Elsewhere, Aughra gets sign of the benevolent Skeksis urVa’s return. The Archer’s arrows lead her to the Sanctuary Tree. Her quest to hear the Song of Thra again bears no fruit, but urVa is here to help. UrVa signals Aughra to listen to Thra itself with one final arrow before disappearing. Thra must teach its song to her once again.

Puzzle Of Privilege

Brea finds a chamber decorated with sigils of each Gelfling clan and one glowing talisman. She deduces that its a puzzle, believing that she must insert the talisman into each clan’s sigil in the order of their rank. That doesn’t get the job done. She begins to question the puzzle’s methodology after multiple attempts, but her next question is far more important. Why does she believe there should be a ranking of the clans? All Gelfling are equal. She drops the talisman, causing the door to close and the room to shake. A stone creature named Lore forms in the middle of the room and plays a recorded message for Brea. Lore is her protector and will guide her to the answers she seeks.

The throne room guards are alerted to the scene when the throne’s secret door opens unexpectedly. Seladon stands in awe and disgust at her sister, but Brea keeps Lore from retaliating.

True Bravery

Despite being on the run, Rian’s belief in himself and the truth about the Skeksis can’t help but spread to others. Deet rescues Hub with a monstrous ruse thanks to meeting him. And it didn’t stop there.

Rian takes refuge in a Podling village only for Naia, Gurjin’s twin sister, and her companion Kylan to find him. She is set on trading Rian for the release of her brother, but Tavra’s arrival throws water on that plan. She wants to return Rian as a duty to her lords. The two fight over Rian until he offers up the vile containing Mira’s essence, begging them to Dreamfast with him. They reluctantly agree and begin, soon joined by a late to the party Ordon. They all apologize after learning the truth and marvel at the sight of Brea’s symbol carved into the table before them. The group decides to split up with Rian and Ordon going to warn the All Maudra and the rest heading after Gurjin.

But the Hunter isn’t far behind the father and son. He chases them through the forest until coming across Deet and Hup. Rian baits the Hunter toward a collection of Gobblers as Ordon tackles him into the carnivorous patch. Both Ordon and the Hunter disappear as Rian cries out, but the Hunter emerges from the patch, capturing Rian and retreating into the forest as Deet and Hup helplessly watch.

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