Netflix Releases The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’s Blooper Reel

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance has been universally praised as a worthy prequel to Jim Henson’s original 1982 film. But of course, bringing the show to life wasn’t without its fair share of challenges. In addition to the amount of painstaking detail that went into recreating the world of Thra, the filmmakers also had to worry about puppets messing up their lines. Netflix has just supplied the blooper reel for the new series. You can check it out via Twitter below.

Over the course of two-and-a-half minutes, viewers will see that none of the show’s creatures are immune to mistakes. Whether it’s a screaming Podling, a dancing Gelfling, or a singing Skeksis, there’s plenty of adorable outtakes for fans to get a kick out of. There are also a few occasions where the puppets suffer through wardrobe malfunctions and missing body parts. Even a few members of the behind-the-scenes crew get to join in on the hilarity. Perhaps the funniest moment comes when Taron Egerton’s Rian has trouble looking in the direction he’s supposed to.

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Because Age of Resistance has been such a big hit, several viewers are wondering if another season is possible. Executive producer (and Jim Henson’s daughter) Lisa Henson has already expressed an openness to the idea.

“When [showrunners] Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews pitched us their version of the series, it actually did continue on past this and then we realized it was moving too quickly and we cut it back,” Henson recently told Yahoo. “So even though we made 10 episodes, we only have produced six of their original episodes. We definitely have ideas about where it goes from here, but time will tell if we’ll be making a season 2 or not.”

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