Dark Crystal season 1 episode 3 recap

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The Skeksis’ chaotic influence continued its spread throughout Thra as The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance continued. Aughra’s revival brought the true state of Thra into view, setting her on a path toward the Skeksis. But she might not be the least of their worries. Rian’s escape threatened their hold over the Gelfling, but his quest for vengeance remained arduous. Especially since every citizen of Thra believes he killed Mira. Stonewood might not be the safe haven Rian once believed it to be. But he, Deet and Brea aren’t ready to give up. Even if they don’t know each other’s quests yet.

A Caretaker’s Lament

Aughra lays eyes on the Crystal Castle for the first time in hundreds of years before confronting the Skeksis inside. Thra is unwell thanks to her lapse in judgment. She never should’ve left the crystal in the Skeksis’ care. SkekSo refuses her request to see the crystal. Aughra abandoned it and Thra. The Skeksis are now Thra, not her. SkekSo orders the guards to banish her from the castle, but the physical embodiment of Thra can’t be kept from the land’s life force.

Aughra finds the crystal discolored and in disrepair. She cries over its state before seeing her past self within it. The vision warns her of the Skeksis’ abuses of the crystal and how its corruption hastened the growth of the Darkening. Aughra is also shown Mira’s death, condemning it as a defilement of the crystal. The vision tells her to find the Song of Thra and return the land to balance.

Turned Away

Deet and Hup’s journey to Ha’rar hits a pitstop when they stumble upon the Stonewood clan village Stone-in-the-Wood. Hup warns that the Gelfling clans hold hatred for one another, but Deet is undeterred. How can one hate their own? Pretty easily, it turns out. Deet’s attempts to socialize with the Stonewood ends in insults and assault. Hup comes to her rescue but ends up in jail. Deet tries to gain an audience with Maudra Fara to plea for his release, but the guard won’t let her simply because she’s Grotten.

Rian arrives, cutting in line ahead of Deet to speak with Fara. He catches a quick glimpse of an imprisoned Hup before telings her of the Skeksis’ lies. But Fara’s faith remains in the vile. Not even the vial containing Mira’s essence is enough to change her mind. Fara refuses to dreamfast with him before revealing that Ordon beat Rian there. He orders his son to return with him to the Crystal Castle. Rian refuses and daringly escapes after sending multiple chandeliers crashing to the ground.

He later meets Deet in the woods. The two strike up a bond that inspires Deet to rescue Hup from the Stonewood. Monsters are involved somehow, but the new friends seem confident they’ll meet again.

The Brightest Jewel

Brea’s first day with the Order of Lesser Service goes about as well as she thought it would. Forced to bathe a village of Podlings, Brea runs away. She’s quickly found by Tavra, but she isn’t going to turn in her sister. She has a more dire mission: capturing Rian. But there’s just enough time for some sisterly bonding before they part again. Brea sneaks back into Ha’rar to steal her mother’s brightest jewel. She needs answers about the foreboding symbol from the Sifan Onica.

Mayrin expresses regret over lashing out at Brea after the Tithing. But her eldest daughter, Seladon, reminds her of her All-Maudran duties. The two leave to meet with Cadia as Brea flies into Mayrin’s chambers. A quick search reveals a chrysalis from the chandelier as the brightest jewel. She brings the item to Onica, who is now an Elder, and demands answers for the payment. But the chrysalis isn’t payment. It’s the key. An Imperial Unimoth hatches from it and leads Brea to the throne room. It attaches to the throne, opening a secret staircase underneath it. A stunned and frightened Brea descends into darkness, hoping answers lie beneath.

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