Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 22 Recap

Granny Goodness’ X-pit is a daunting threat and tortuous tool. But it can’t hold a candle to the pain wrought from the perils of human emotion. Just ask Jefferson Pierce. This week’s installment of Young Justice: Outsiders was mired by the fallout of a season’s worth of deception, betrayal, and misplaced ideals. The veil obscuring Kaldur and Bruce’s partnership came crashing down along with Jefferson’s trust. The in-fighting wasn’t limited to the heroes as Violet’s capture brought the Light to a boil. The Mother Box-powered hero could be the key to Darkseid’s plans. Everything is crumbling as past acts ripped the foundation from under the Outsiders’ feet. But their troubles are only beginning.

The Answer

Gretchen and Ultra-Humanite fill in the rest of the Light about their plan to procure Violet while Deathstroke confronts Terra about withholding information from him. He reminds her of his unique form of affection for her, giving her something before parting. Terra returns to the Hub only for Helga to stick an inhibitor chip on her. Brion and Violet join them as Helga takes them away. It seems that Helga’s mentor has a cure for Violet’s lethal condition, but Helga’s ruse is exposed when they meet Gretchen and Ultra-Humanite at Gretchen’s home.

Violet is quickly subdued as Helga prepares to leave with Brion and Terra, but no one is leaving just yet. Gretchen reveals that Helga’s deal with Ultra-Humanite is off the table and pulls the whole crew into the X-pit to show them why. She shoves Violet into the pit, forcing her mix of organic and Mother Box matter to heal and stabilize themselves. Violet is the key to solving the Anti-Life Equation. Gretchen showcases this by pushing Helga into the pit and making Violet heal and remove her free will. Helga reveals her role in activating Brion and Terra’s latent metagenes, Gabrielle’s death and Jefferson’s manipulation. She calls Violet a sick joke and admits that her deal with Ultra-Humanite would’ve helped her create more “children” like the Markovs. 

Upon their return from the X-pit, Terra and Brion attack the group. Earlier, Deathstroke gave Terra an anti-inhibitor chip. Unfortunately, Gretchen delivers Violet to Darkseid while Helga and Ultra-Humanite escape together. 

Lightning Rod

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 22 recap

Back at the Hub, Jefferson’s concern over a recovering Dick shifts to disgust when he realizes that Kaldur and Bruce have been working together this whole time. He views the alliance as nothing more than an excuse to break the law. Even worse, he calls Kaldur to the floor about orchestrating the Outsiders’ recent victories. The news upsets Gar as he justifiably feels their actions corrupted the Outsiders’ mission. Oracle tries to convince Bruce of their error while Dick tries to accept blame, but neither is enough to satisfy Jefferson. Brion and Terra’s return unearths Helga’s lies as well. This proves to be the last straw for Jefferson, and leaves the Hub in disgust and anguish.

Unstable Ground

News of Violet’s relation to the Anti-Life Equation shocks Vandal. According to Ultra-Humanite, Helga’s deal was never going to be honored and Deathstroke was in on the plan. That’s why he provided Terra with an anti-control chip. Aiding Terra also had the benefit of restoring her faith in Deathstroke. She doesn’t trust the heroes because they can’t even trust each other.

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