Young Justice: Outsiders episode 21 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 21 Recap

It was time to get back to Apokoliptan matters after some key introspective episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders. Purging Vic of Father Box’s influence couldn’t have come at a better time. Dick and Jefferson’s recon mission at Gretchen Goode’s home went south quick, and Kaldur needed all the help he could get to recover them. But the two heroes weren’t Goode’s main focus. There was something far more important that needed to be destroyed. The Light knows how to diversify and prioritize like no other. Just ask Helga and her mentor.

A Goode Host

Dick and Jefferson’s routine recon mission at Gretchen’s home gets complicated when the Mother Box identifies Apokoliptan tech within her home. The two break in with Oracle’s help only to disappear in a flash of light after their communications go offline. Oracle contacts Kaldur, calling him back from the sea to find the missing pair. Kaldur’s partner, Wynnde, joins him as the former Aqualad chooses to knock on the door instead of infiltration. Gretchen agrees to take them to their friends, transporting them to her X-Pit.

Kaldur and Wynnde are able to rescue their friends from continuous torture fairly easily. Too easily. Gretchen is fine with letting them leave, but she demands the Mother Box be destroyed. Kaldur refuses, prompting her to activate a brainwashed Dick and Jefferson against them. She orders Overlord to destroy the Mother Box, but Vic and Violet sense the attack back at the Hub. They boom tube to Gretchen’s and fight off Gretchen as Violet heals Mother Box, Dick and Jefferson. Gretchen seems unfazed, but she shows some concern over Violet’s use of the Old Gods language.


A very pregnant Karen discusses her work studying genome manipulation after Malcolm reveals that he got tested for the metagene. Malcolm’s test came back negative, which he bemoans. It would be pretty cool to have a meta-enhanced child. Karen isn’t on the same page, but there are more pressing matters at hand. Her water broke.

Karen gives birth to a baby girl, but the child is born with a hole in her heart. With the roads iced over, Karen takes it upon herself to fix her daughter by donning the Bumblebee suit and shrinking down to patch up her heart. She accomplishes her task with ease, but she begins to think about her conversation with Malcolm about altering their child’s genes. With tears in her eyes, she shrinks down and contemplates altering her genome. She remains vague about which decision she made when she returns to full size.


Violet and Brion remain strained throughout the course of the day’s actions, though both express a desire to reconcile to Helga separately. Helga dissuades each of them, stressing that the timing isn’t right. But her suggestions are cast aside after the mission at Gretchen’s. Brion and Violet embrace as Helga looks on. The sight forces her to contact her mentor. Helga’s failed attempts to keep them apart now make her feel like she has to get Brion and Terra out of the Hub. Luckily, her mentor is able to help. Unluckily, her mentor is Ultra-Humanite. Helga’s been in The Light’s pocket all along.

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