HBO Max Debuts the First Poster For Young Justice: Phantoms

One of the best things that the DC Universe streaming service ever did was resurrecting Young Justice for a third season. Fortunately, the fourth season has also found a home on HBO Max. And while a premiere date isn’t locked down yet, Collider has debuted the first poster from Young Justice: Phantoms.

While each season has introduced a new roster of teenage heroes, this poster notably features most of the surviving members of the original team. That includes Rocket, Miss Martian, Nightwing, Superboy, Zatanna, Tigress, and Aquaman. If you’re a lapsed fan, Kaldur’ahm took over as Aquaman last season, while Superboy and Miss Martian got engaged.

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Young Justice showrunners Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman also offered Collider a few more teases about what’s coming in season 4.

“This season focuses more on individual character dynamics than on League/Team/Outsiders politics,” said Weisman. “But we will see a bit of each of these squads (among others). And covert action is always an important part of the Young Justice dynamic.”

The third season ended with a teaser that suggested the Legion of Super-Heroes will play a role in Phantoms. However, the showrunners didn’t reveal how the Legion will play into the new season.

“We wouldn’t call last season’s ending a cliffhanger,” said Vietti. “But obviously, we wouldn’t drop in the Legion ring without a plan to follow up on it.”

What do you think about the first poster for Young Justice: Phantoms? Let us know in the comment section below!

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