The Maestro Returns and Peter Parker is Married Again for Marvel Comics Summer 2015

Another day, another announcement for summer 2015 from Marvel Comics! As they’ve been doing for the past few weeks now, Marvel has announced the reemergence of two more famous storylines for their next event, first the Hulk-centric “Future Imperfect” and second (via EW) Spider-Man appears to be “renewing his vows.”

Originally published in 1992, “Future Imperfect” saw The Hulk go up against an alternate version of himself called the Maestro. Originating from the far future of his own timeline, Maestro lives in a world ravaged by nuclear war which has even further enhanced his gamma irradiated body but also driven him mad in the process.

The “Renew Your Vows” teaser is more interesting given the bizarre circumstances of Peter Parker’s marriage and family life in general. Parker married longtime love interest Mary Jane Watson in 1987’s The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, and they remained married until the very controversial “One More Day” storyline where it was dissolved following a deal with Mephisto. As for the little girl, could we be seeing the return of the young May Parker or is all of this taking place in an alternate universe?

In keeping with the other Marvel Comics announcements, these teasers appear to be tied to specific characters like the previously announced Civil War and Spider-Man, Age of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies and the titular robot, Years of Future Past and Kitty Pryde, Planet Hulk and Captain America, Armor Wars and Iron Man, House of M and Magneto, and countless others. The prevailing theory is that all of these comics will spin out of the recently-announced Secret  Wars comic, but Marvel still has yet to confirm what it all means. Continue the discussion in the comments below!