Marvel Comics Teases the Return of Planet Hulk for Summer 2015!

It should come as no surprise that Marvel Comics is teasing another event for Summer 2015 as they’ve announced a new one every day this week, starting with Secrets Wars last Friday, Civil War on Monday, Age of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies on Tuesday, and Years of Future Past yesterday. Now, Newsarama brings the next teaser image which reveals the return of Planet Hulk for Summer 2015.

First published in 2006, the original Planet Hulk storyline saw the Avengers jettison The Hulk off into space, where he crash landed on a planet, took part in gladiatorial games and rose up ala Spartacus before making his way back to Earth to seek revenge. This new series, however, appears to be quite literally a planet of hulks, who seem to be fighting not only Devil Dinosaur but also Captain America.

Our take on all of this? Each of these series teased this week will spin out of the new Secret Wars comic. Each one seems to be focusing on a different character caught in the middle of a giant fight, the new Civil War appears to be Spider-Man’s story, Ultron will be the one fighting the Marvel Zombies, Years of Future Past will focus on Kitty Pryde, and Planet Hulk will center on Captain America.

What teaser do you think will come tomorrow?