Marvel Comics Announces a New Armor Wars for Summer 2015

Another day, another new announcement from Marvel Comics teasing a huge event in summer 2015. The initial announcement came last week when it was revealed that a new Secret Wars series would debut next year. It was followed by the announcement on Monday that Civil War would be making a comeback, Tuesday brought the strangest reveal that “Age of Ultron” would be facing off against “Marvel Zombies,” Wednesday brought the Years of Future Past teaser, and yesterday saw a tease for a return to Planet Hulk. Now, Comic Vine brings word about a new Armor Wars that will also take place.

Written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton with art by Mark D. Bright and Barry Windsor-Smith, the original “Armor Wars” was published between 1987-88 and dealt with Tony Stark going after a number of opponents that had stolen plans for some of his Iron Man armor and created their own variations. Marvel published a follow-up, “Armor Wars II,” two years later, and a version of the “Armor Wars” story was told in 2010’s Iron Man 2.

How do all of these fit together? As we theorized yesterday, it starts with the new Secret Wars series by Jonathan Hickman, which will begin after “Time Runs Out” in his current run of The Avengers/New Avengers. What happens when time runs out? Perhaps the Marvel Universe starts to fold in on itself, we already know that time is broken following the original “Age of Ultron” mini-series, and its characters are forced back in time and have to relive variations of past events, sending Spider-Man back to “Civil War,” Kitty Pryde to “Days of Future Past,” and Tony Stark back to “Armor Wars.” We won’t know for sure until Marvel lays all their cards down, but let us know your theories below!