Marvel Comics Continues to Tease Summer 2015 with a Return to Age of Apocalypse

For a few weeks now, Marvel Comics has been teasing a number of comic events for summer of 2015, many of which were events previously published at the house of ideas, and though details are sparse on how they will all fit together, the consensus seems to be they will steam out of the recently-announced Secret Wars comic series.

The latest new series (via Newsarama) reveals that yet another X-Men event will be returning, this time the fan favorite Age of Apocalypse. Originally published in the mid-’90s, Age of Apocalypse took place in an alternate universe where Professor Xavier was killed by his time-traveling son Legion and Magneto took on his crusade of creating a peaceful world for humans and mutants to co-exist. The titular villain Apocalypse used this opportunity to take over the world, which he did handily. The series has been revisited a number of times, including an ongoing series set within the alternate timeline that ran a few years ago.

The other events Marvel has confirmed for summer 2015 include Civil War, Planet Hulk, Armor Wars, Years of Future Past, Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies, and House of M. A number of other events announced last week include Infinity Gauntlet, which appears to focus on the new Nova Sam Alexander and his family; Old Man Logan, based on the Mark Millar series and presumably a Wolverine centric story; Attilan Rising, an Inhuman-focused series that perhaps depicts them taking on the rest of the Marvel Universe; and Ultimate: The End, which seems to confirm the long-gestating rumors that Marvel will be bringing their “Ultimate” comics line to an end.

Which new series are you looking forward to the most?