NYCC: Marvel Comics Announces New Secret Wars Series to Begin in 2015

Yesterday at New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics announced their next big comics event, a brand new Secret Wars! Set to be written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Esad Ribic, the series will begin in 2015 and last one full year.

The series no doubt is what Hickman’s run on “Avengers” and “New Avengers” has been building up to since launching in 2012 as both series have dealt with parallel worlds to the Marvel Universe, not to mention the current story arc goes by the title “Time Runs Out.” Both of those things seem to play into this new Secret Wars as the promo art shows not only the new female Thor, the Superior Iron Man, and Sam Wilson as Captain America, but Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man, Iron Man 2020, both regular Thor and Captain America, and countless other heroes and villains.

Secret Wars began in 1984 as a promotional tool for Marvel’s freshly-inked toy deal with Hasbro. The series saw all of the heroes and villains in the Marvel U together for one giant story, and proved so popular that a sequel was published the following year. Secret Wars is famously known as the series that introduced Spider-Man’s black costume all those years ago.

Will you be picking up the new Secret Wars next year?