Marvel Teases Another New Comic for 2015 with ‘Years of Future Past’

As they’ve already done this week with a tease of the new Secret Wars, the return of Civil War and the announcement of Age of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies, Marvel Comics (via CBR) have teased yet another new series to debut in summer 2015, this time the X-Men centric “Years of Future Past.”

What does it all mean? Who knows at this point, but it’s clearly related to the legendary comic story “Days of Future Past,” the basis for this year’s X-Men film. The world of “Days of Future Past” has been explored in a few other stories, one shots, and mini-series throughout the years, but what story will this one be telling and how will it tie into the larger Marvel Universe?

Sound off with your theories below and take a guess what tomorrow’s big weird announcement will be!