Hellboy Reboot Director Offers New Details About The Crooked Man

Just under four years after the last Hellboy movie, a new reboot is already underway. As announced last weekend, director Brian Taylor is helming Hellboy: The Crooked Man from a script by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and novelist Christopher Golden. It’s based on a comic book story written by Mignola himself, but it will go through some changes on the big screen.

“We started with a draft by Mike and Chris,” said Taylor during an interview with Collider. “Funny enough, a lot of what I’m doing is trying to bring it even closer to the original comic book than what they did… A comic book will never directly translate to the screen, but I will tell you that my intent in the movie is to really honor and bring to life the original comics.”

The original story is set in ’50s, as a young Hellboy attempts to assist a man named Tom Ferrell, who is trapped in a deal he made with the local devil, The Crooked Man. To save Tom’s soul, Hellboy also teams up with a witch named Cora. However, Taylor indicated that Cora will not be a part of the film. In her place will be a new character that Mignola created for the screen.

“In addition to HB himself there’s Tom Ferrell, who fans of the comic book will know,” noted Taylor. “And there’s also a new character that Mike created for the film version that is gonna be a surprise.”

Additionally, Taylor confirmed that he is aiming for an R-rated take on the title character.

“We’ve definitely had a discussion of, you know, it doesn’t really serve anybody to make something R for R’s sake,” said Taylor. “To say it has to be R so we have to add A, B and C. But this material, this original material is dark and scary and violent and adult. So in order to really embrace that, we just don’t wanna have any handcuffs on.”

Hellboy: The Crooked Man will be filmed in Bulgaria later this year. It doesn’t currently have a release date.

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