Noah Hawley Addresses the Status of His Doctor Doom Movie

Later this month, the Disney and Fox merger is finally expected to close. When this happens, all of 20th Century Fox’s Marvel characters will revert back to Marvel Studios. That means the Fantastic Four and the X-Men will eventually resurface in the MCU. It also means that one of the best Marvel villains, Doctor Doom, may also be up for his cinematic redemption.

Noah Hawley, the creator of FX’s Legion and Fargo, recently appeared at SXSW, where he provided an update on his Doctor Doom movie. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige met with Hawley about Fox’s Doom movie. However, Hawley came away from that meeting with more questions than answers.

According to Hawley, Feige asked “Are you still working on [Doctor Doom]?” Hawley’s response was “Should I still be working on it?” Unfortunately, Feige was unable to provide a “concrete answer.”

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Additionally, Hawley shared a few details about the Doctor Doom script. He described it as “a geopolitical thriller” that begins when Doom puts an impenetrable dome over his homeland, Latveria. The POV character is a female journalist who is selected by Doom to visit Latveria and share his story with the world.

If Feige wants Hawley to continue writing Doctor Doom, then that conversation can’t occur until after the Disney and Fox deal is official. In the meantime, Hawley is preparing the third and final season of Legion, as well as the fourth season of Fargo.

What do you think about a potential Doctor Doom movie written by Noah Hawley? Who would you cast as Doom? Let us know in the comment section below!