Josh Trank Delivers Self-Roast On Twitter Over His Fantastic Four Movie

Sometimes, it seems like a comic book movie just can’t fail. Captain Marvel grossed over $455 million worldwide over the weekend. On top of that, Shazam! looks like it may also be a big hit when it debuts next month. However, there’s always room for imperfection. Josh Trank just served up a quick reminder of that.

The director of the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot replied to a tweet regarding comic book-to-film adaptations. When Twitter user Joseph Kahn tweeted that “No superhero movie fails,” Trank responded with a simple three word response. “Hold my beer.” You can see the tweet below, in all its glory.

This isn’t the first time that Trank has attacked his own movie. It was also torn to shreds by critics and fans, but Trank has apparently accepted this response. Earlier this year, he wrote a touching tribute to Stan Lee following his passing while touching on Fantastic Four‘s disappointing outcome.

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Trank’s recent tweet has also received some strong reactions on Twitter, most notably from fans.

A superhero movie can truly soar with the right elements behind it, as well as with the right people. However, it can crash just as quickly. There’s a lot of blame to go around for Fantastic Four‘s dismal performance.  Regardless, Disney’s pending merger with Fox means that the FF will also get another chance on the big screen. But probably not right away.

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