Batman: The Audio Adventures Season 2 Premieres on October 7

Last year, DC put a comedic spin on the Dark Knight legend with Batman: The Audio Adventures, a scripted podcast series from SNL alum Dennis McNicholas. The initial run of 10 episodes was such a hit that it was only a matter of time before HBO Max ordered a second season. Now, we finally know when to expect new episodes. According to Variety, Batman: The Audio Adventures season 2 will finally premiere on October 7.

Jeffrey Wright, who recently appeared in The Batman as Jim Gordon, headlines The Audio Adventures as the voice of Batman himself. In the first season, the GCPD formally deputized Batman as a member of their ranks, which puts him at odds with Catwoman, who has no intention of doing things by the book. Meanwhile, a handful of villains resurfaced to cause new mayhem. Their number includes Two-Face, who begins losing control over his split personalities. The Caped Crusader also had to deal with the Joker and the Riddler, the latter of whom recently escaped from Arkham Asylum.

In season 2, the Joker is still at large while Penguin and Two-Face are also working together to bring Batman to his knees. Meanwhile Harleen Quinzel (a.k.a. Harley Quinn) plots her own rise to power. But the biggest threat to Gotham’s safety might be the Scarecrow and the “chemical nightmares” he inflicts upon the city.

“It’s edgy, but has comic elements too — it’s very noir and old-school in some ways,” Wright told Variety. “What drew me to this, what distinguishes it, is that it’s a radio show. I’m giving a wink to the old radio shows… I love the strangeness and the melodrama you can bring to it. We lean on that.”

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Batman: The Audio Adventures notably features the vocal talents of several other A-list performers. The supporting cast includes Rosario Dawson (Catwoman), Brent Spiner (Joker), Ike Barinholtz (Two-Face), John Leguizamo (Riddler), Bobby Moynihan (Penguin), Brooke Shields (Vicki Vale), Jason Sudeikis (Hamilton Hill), Seth Meyers (Jack Ryder), Kenan Thompson (Commissioner Gordon), Melissa Villaseñor (Robin), Heidi Gardner (Harley Quinn), and Alan Tudyk (Alfred). Chris Parnell served as the series’ narrator.

The first season of The Audio Adventures was originally available as a Max exclusive. But earlier this month, DC released all 10 episodes on every other major podcast platform. And in two weeks, fans can expect a new tie-in comic book series written by McNicholas, with the first issue hitting stores on September 27.

Are you excited to begin streaming the new season of Batman: The Audio Adventures next month? Let us know in the comment section below!

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