Teenage Mutant Christmas Turtles — Figures in a Stocking!

Holiday power! A new and popular tradition in action figures recently seems to be the limited release of Christmas-themed characters. We’ve already seen it in 2021 with Super7’s Santa Optimus Prime. Now the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arrive in the spirit of things as well. In a limited edition set available at Target if you’re lucky, the Christmas Turtles come wearing Santa hats and wielding candy-striped weapons.

Arguably more bizarre, they each also have a slice of pizza painted like a candy cane. Now, knowing their awful tastes in toppings from the TV show, we shouldn’t be surprised. But do they represent peppermints shaped like pizza, or pizza dipped in candy? That’s up to you, and your head canon.

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The four Turtles come on one present shaped card. And for those who open their figures, the back of the card features cut-out gift tags. And the whole thing gets packed into a green TMNT logo stocking, to hang with care. No sense in getting subtle with Santa Claus regarding what toys should go inside.

This limited set retails for $74.99 at Target. As of this writing, it’s available online as well. Take a look at some images in the gallery below.

Will these sewer-surfers stuff your stocking? Let us know in comments below.

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