Santa Optimus Prime Is Coming to Town, Thanks to Super7

Presents are the right of all sentient beings. Wait, no; that’s not quite right. They’re really more of a privilege. But for anyone who’s been good this year, Santa Optimus Prime may have something to roll out for the holiday stocking. And it’s…him! Christmas repaints of action figures rapidly seem to be turning into big business, as Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series Christmas Stormtroopers quickly sold out last year. And before that, Super7 made a Christmas Santa He-Man, who disappeared faster than Ram Man’s IQ.

But this time, Super7 seems to have made a figure that’s both affordable and plentiful. In the four-inch scale, it’s still small enough to become a tree ornament, and costs less than some others in that realm. What fan of ’80s toys wouldn’t drop $18 on Optimus in a little Santa hat? (Okay, to scale, it’s not so little.)

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Santa Optimus Prime also features a candy cane-striped gun, holiday color scheme, and five points of articulation. Like all other non-Hasbro Transformers, he does not convert. But he respects all faiths, and makes a good gift for anyone who digs robots in hats.

Will this robo-saint in training come down your chimney this year? Let us know in comments.

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