George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise Rises to a 6-Inch Action Figure

When Hasbro‘s Star Wars “vintage collection” first kicked off in earnest with classic-style cards for super-articulated figures, one of the incentives to buy them all was a mail-away figure. Uniquely non-canonical, it depicted George Lucas in Stormtrooper disguise. Now, with the Lucasfilm 50th anniversary collection upsizing several former 3-3/4 inch figures in the 6-inch scale, so does it go with the saga’s creator. And this time, nobody needs to buy six other figures just to get him.

As first announced on, the new and updated George Lucas in Stormtrooper disguise goes on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept 29 at 1 pm EST. The Star Wars site lists Amazon as the retailer, but expect him to hit many of your other favorites as well. And even though it’s mostly a repaint with an all-new head, the figure will sport the premium price tag of $26.49 or thereabouts.

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Lucas previously also saw figure form as a Micro Fleet TIE Fighter pilot. Then as a 3-3/4 X-Wing pilot named Jorg Sacul, and his Episode III cameo character Baron Papanoida. (The Baron later received a Clone Wars retcon as a man of action with a New Zealand accent.) But this marks his 6-inch debut, with a likeness reflecting his current appearance.

Take a look at a few new images in the gallery below. Will you make the Maker yours? Let us know in comments!

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