Hasbro Shows First Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Star Wars Figures and More

2021 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Lucasfilm, and Hasbro‘s Star Wars line is going all-in on branding this year’s toys as such. The overall theme looks to be iconic moments from the franchise throughout the entire history of the company, but with a couple of twists. The Lucasfilm 50th line crucially pays tribute to the classic Kenner toys line in two ways. In the 3-3/4 inch Vintage Collection, Hasbro wants to ultimately do a single-carded update of all 96 original figures. And in the 6-inch Black Series line, they’re re-decoing some of their realistic sculpts in colors and costume resembling the original toy colors. from back in the days when absolute accuracy was neither possible nor completely tried. Like so…

Note the vinyl cape, extra-white hair, and opaque lightsaber blade! Maybe keep this one in the package, since those old capes ripped easily.

Other new entries in the Black Series line include an Elite Squad Clonetrooper from the upcoming bad Batch series, as well as Phantom Menace-themed repacks/redecoes of Qui-Gon Jinn, Battle Droid, Mace Windu, and Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar notable comes with fewer accessories than the deluxe version, while Qui-Gon’s head got a more Liam Neeson-y resculpt and photo-print.

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The Vintage Collection’s additional “classic 96” figures include updated Endor Leia, AT-ST Driver, and Paploo. Meanwhile, their new Lucasfilm 50th figures include fresh sculpts of Clone Wars Series 7 Ahsoka and Maul. For Maul, they actually started with a Ray Park headsculpt and elongated the face slightly just to emulate the animation more.

But the real treat was finding out which figures are currently still in the works. The Black Series features several, from multiple time periods…

That’s Bad Batch Tech, Clone Wars Aurra Sing, The Mandalorian‘s Zero and Koska Reeves, and General Lando. The Vintage Collection, meanwhile, will add a new classic Lando and IG-11.

Note: thus far, the Lucasfilm 50th anniversary program appears to apply only to Star Wars. So to any fans hoping for Indiana Jones or Howard the Duck toy news…sorry, not yet!

But check out the gallery below to see more of what we did see so far. Then tell us what you think in comments!

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