EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront Soundtracks Are Coming To Vinyl

Fans were generally split on the quality of EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront games when they hit stores in 2015 and 2017. However, one thing they could agree on was how epic the music was. Now, they finally have a chance to own the games soundtracks on vinyl. Variety brings word that Walt Disney Records is giving Gordy Haab’s scores for Battlefront and Battlefront II their own vinyl pressings.

The London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices choir recorded the score for both games. For Battlefront, Haab won Music of the Year and Best Interactive Score at the Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) Awards. Two years later, his Battlefront II score won Video Game Score of the Year at ASCAP’s Film and Television Music Awards. Haab continued his relationship with the Star Wars franchise when he composed the music for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in 2019.

Haab also issued his own statement about the upcoming soundtrack releases:

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“I consider composing the original score for EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront series one of my greatest accomplishments,” said Haab. “Creating new music for a game with such high expectations was a colossal task, only made more daunting by my own passion and desire to pay honor to my favorite franchise. And for this reason, I poured a lifetime of love into every note. As did the orchestra who performed it – and every person who helped bring the music to life.”

The original Star Wars: Battlefront soundtrack will be available to purchase starting at midnight tonight, Eastern time. Meanwhile, Battlefront II’s score will be available on February 5.

Are you happy to hear that Haab’s soundtracks are finally getting released on vinyl? Let us know in the comments down below!

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