Christian Bale Interviewed About Batman Begins

Film Rotation caught an interview with Christian Bale last night on British TV. Here’s a clip…

Best of all though, he rather angrily denied that he was making a “comic book movie” and said that that was actually an insult to the millions of fans out there. He said “We’re making a film based on a much loved graphic novel. I think to use the term ‘comic book’ really under values the source material!”

And at the interview’s end, Bale said that he cannot say much at all about the project but that if he had to describe it, he would say – and get this for uber-coolness – it “is a cross between Serpico and The French Connection mixed with a really f***ing cool samurai, kung fu movie, and there’s like some really strong 70s conspiracy movie vibes in their too! It is definitely not a Batman that you’ve seen on screen before.”

Hit the link above for more of the article.

Source: Film Rotation