Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Trailer Brings Players Into the Cockpit

The second Death Star may have been destroyed, but the war between the Rebels and the Empire continues in Star Wars: Squadrons. EA’s upcoming Star Wars video game will allow players to fight on both sides of the Galactic Civil War. And now, EA has also released a new gameplay trailer that sets up the options that lie ahead.

Players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC will be able to utilize cross-play support and form their own squadrons in 5 vs. 5 dogfights. The game is also experienced from within the cockpit of each ship, and the different models utilize alternate displays. That means gamers will have to familiarize themselves with the benefits and drawbacks of each ship. For example, the standard X-Wing and Tie-Fighter are the most versatile ships. However, the Tie-Interceptor and the A-Wing are built for speed.

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Additionally, PS4 gamers will have the option to play the entire game in VR through the Playstation VR. The core game will also feature full scale battles between the rival fleets. EA’s official description promises “known and never-before-seen battlefields, including the gas giant of Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan.”

Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on October 2 on all major platforms.

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