Dave Filoni Talks About the Final Scene of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for the series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

In the closing moments of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series finale, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and his Imperial Stormtroopers came upon the wreckage of the Republic ship where Ahsoka Tano was last seen mourning the clones. Vader also found the lightsaber that once belonged to his former apprentice and he walked away in silence. According to The Clone Wars executive producer Dave Filoni, that moment had been in his mind for years.

“That’s an idea that I’ve had for a very long time,” said Filoni while speaking with Entertainment Tonight. “As I went over different ways to end the show, that was always one of the options I had. Ultimately, since Star Wars is a saga about the Skywalker family and Anakin plays a large role in the Clone Wars, but also in Ahsoka’s life, I felt that if you watch the four parts, as much as Sidious has this hidden layer of character arc in the episodes, so does Anakin.”

“I wanted to draw a full arc for him where if you’ve never seen Star Wars, you hopefully will be able to understand that the young man that Ahsoka is very good friends with, that’s like a brother to her in the beginning, that the villain Maul says, ‘Hey, he’s going to turn out to be this bad guy,'” added Filoni. “In the end you see that, well, that was actually unfortunately true. The through line is the lightsabers that he worked on for her. There’s this symbolic arc of Anakin underneath that all.”

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Filoni also spoke about the way The Clone Wars subverted the expectations for the fate of Ahsoka and the clones.

“It was a nice way to bring a shape to the whole series,” said Filoni. “That shows you a subversive thing about what the Clone Wars was really about for Anakin, how [Ahsoka] found her way through it intact — which is what I believe — and just show that the clones, for all their character and all their individuality, by the end also you have storm troopers walking around who are completely devoid of it. Everything is bleached out. Everything is pretty stark. Everything’s washed away color-wise, which is what George [Lucas] did it at the end of Revenge of the Sith. A lot of things I do are just ways of taking what George did and reasserting them, enhancing them, showing that this is what his half of Star Wars is about, ultimately, and how the heroes will prevail through it, despite all of the wickedness of the enemy.”

Every episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is now streaming on Disney+.

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