Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series Finale – What Did You Think?!

At long last, the Clone Wars are over. Disney+ has released the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series finale, and we want to hear what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

After Ahsoka Tano and her droid friends successfully removed Rex’s control chip, they fought their way out of the medical bay as the clone troopers pursued them. Meanwhile, Maul also kept the clones busy by destroying the hyperdrive in violent fashion. The ship was forced to drop out of hyperspace and it was quickly trapped in the gravitational field of a moon. Rex advocated taking all measures to get past his clone brothers. However, Ahsoka refused to kill any of the clones during their escape attempt.

Out of desperation, Ahsoka pretended to be Rex’s prisoner as he argued that Ahsoka was exempt from Order 66. Regardless, Jesse and the other clones couldn’t be persuaded. Their distraction allowed the droids to prepare an escape ship. Unfortunately, Maul stole the ship for himself and left Ahsoka and Rex behind to die.

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The clones destroyed the trio of droids, forcing Rex into a damaged Y-Wing. Ahoska performed some death-defying moves to join Rex on the Y-Wing, but the clones on the ship perished in the crash. In the aftermath, Ahsoka and Rex solemnly buried the clones. She also left one of her lightsabers behind has a tribute. Some time later, Darth Vader also arrived at the crash site. Vader found the lightsaber that once belonged to his apprentice. However, Vader left without answers about Ahsoka’s fate.

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