Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Will Feature the Siege of Mandalore

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 will debut in just a few hours, bringing the long-awaited conclusion to the series which started back in 2008. And even though fans already know how the Clone Wars are going to end, the path to Revenge of the Sith still holds some mysteries. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Dave Filoni revealed that the siege of Mandalore will play a huge part in the last season of the show.

“We have tools and capabilities that we did not have in the beginning of Clone Wars, just because animation’s come so far,” Filoni said. “There are many things that we can render with nuance and detail that we just couldn’t before.”

The story will likely hint at The Mandalorian at some point, as Din Djarin’s origins are closely tied to the siege. As is ownership of the Darksaber. Note also that Baby Yoda would be alive during this time period.

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But the siege of Mandalore isn’t the only main storyline fans will get the chance to see conclude. Former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano is still looking for her own identity. And she’s struggling to find the right inner balance.

“It’s that personal journey,” Filoni stated. “[We saw that] with Luke Skywalker, and we’ve seen Rey going on this journey. But for me now with Ahsoka, she’s been the student Jedi the whole time, and she’s finally being challenged by what she will do with her knowledge and her training and her abilities when faced with the ultimate test — which is what you’ll see at the end of Clone Wars here.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 will hit Disney+ on Feb. 21. Do you think fans will get to see Baby Yoda in the upcoming series? Let us know your guess in the comments section below.