Karen Obilom Joins the Cast of Doom Patrol Season 2

Deadline is reporting that actress Karen Obilom has become the latest addition to Doom Patrol’s highly anticipated second season. She’ll play Roni Evers, a woman who develops a relationship with Joivan Wade’s Cyborg. She’s described as “a military veteran, with a mysterious past, that Vic Stone/Cyborg (Wade) meets while attending a PTSD support group.”

Last year, Obilom began appearing on BET’s Games People Play, which was recently renewed for a follow-up season. She was also featured in all six episodes of the web series The Vampyr Resistance Corps. Some of her other screen credits include guest spots on TV shows like NCIS: New Orleans and Insecure.

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Obilom’s Doom Patrol character is most likely a gender-flipped version of Ron Evers, Vic’s childhood friend. After Silas Stone turned Vic into Cyborg, Ron investigated the lab accident that prompted his friend’s transformation. He soon discovered that S.T.A.R. Labs was selling Vic’s father’s technology to the army. Ron attempted to blow up their facility in an act of retribution, but a fight with Vic foiled his plans. After falling off the facility’s roof, S.T.A.R. scientists made him into their own Cyborg. And in a cruel twist of irony, they put him to work for the military.

Previously, Abigail Shapiro joined the cast of Doom Patrol’s second season as The Chief’s daughter, Dorothy Spinner. The new episodes will premiere on both DC Universe and HBO Max sometime later this year.

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