Doom Patrol Season 4 key art

Doom Patrol’s Final Episodes Set Release Window on Max

The final episodes of DC‘s Doom Patrol are officially set to begin streaming on Max next month.

As first revealed by Entertainment Weekly, Doom Patrol returns for the back half of its fourth and final season this October. Season 4B’s premiere episode is directed by Bosede Williams. It picks up after January’s mid-season finale, in which the members of Doom Patrol were sent to the pocket dimension known as Orqwith.

What to expect from Doom Patrol Season 4B

“The show creator [Jeremy Carver] really wanted to present Orqwith to the fans, because they’ve been talking about it since season 1 … We knew that it should be dark and completely disorienting, because the characters have never seen anything like it. It should be gloomy, just to really take them out of their elements,” Williams told EW.

“We worked very closely with the production designer to put it together and figure out: What was the lighting going to be? How big were the bones? What were the flowers going to look like? There were so many details,” the director continued. “It was really fun putting together that world.”

Williams further explained that in the Orqwith, Immortus is capable of stripping away the Doom Patrol’s shared longevity, which “deeply [affects]” the team. “It’s a real turning point for every single character. It’s a massive thing that they’re going to be struggling with, and some of them are conflicted. Some of them are okay with that and want to move on, but then others are not so sure.”

That said, there are still “beacons of light” in the form of Casey Brinke (Madeline Zima) and Dorothy (Abi Monterey). “Doom Patrol is dark, it is about trauma and dysfunction,” Williams said. “But Casey evokes a simpler time. They bring the brightness, and it’s really nice to see them come running in when they do.” 

Doom Patrol prepares for its swan song on Max

Doom Patrol initially premiered on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service in 2019. A second season arrived in 2020, and streamed simultaneously on DC Universe and Max (then known as HBO Max). The series moved exclusively to Max for Season 3, which premiered in 2021.

Doom Patrol Season 4 premiered on Max in December 2022. The first half of the season ran for six episodes through January 2023, and the show has been on break since. Soon after Season 4A wrapped up, news broke that Season 4B would mark the end of Doom Patrol, as Max had opted not to renew the show for Season 5. The DC series stars Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Joivan Wade, and Michelle Gomez.

Doom Patrol Season 4B — which consists of the DC series’ final six episodes — premieres on Max in October 2023.