Bane Explains His Monstrous Origins In New Gotham Clip

The final season of Gotham is a hit with fans thus far. And tonight’s episode is no exception, as Bane is set to run wild. The official YouTube channel for the Fox show has a new clip featuring the masked character. In it, the villain explains how he became this way to a restrained Jim Gordon.

Bane, as played by Shane West, explains how he came to be this “monster”. While in Pena Dura prison, the guards would partake in a cruel game on the kids at the time. They would take select children and bury them alive. Although he manages to overcome these odds, they somehow make the game even worse the next time around. They bury the chosen kids even deeper and play yet again. “I was the champion,” he says. “To survive, I had to stop being human.”

This character wasn’t always born to be this “monster.” He originally came to Gotham as Eduardo Dorrance earlier on in the series. But after a grave wound from Gordon, he received guidance from a rather unlikely ally.

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Bane wasn’t sure about his rebirth.  “But she knew,” referring to Theresa Walker (Jaime Murray). As a result of his torment, he is ready to burn Gotham City down to ashes. But first, Bane is targeting someone closer to Jim, his ex, Barbara.

In another clip, which you can also see below, Bane stomps his way into a hospital. He makes short work of a staff member before calling for Barbara on the intercom. And he couldn’t come at a worse time, as she’s about to go into labor with Jim’s child. Gotham season 5 episode 10  premieres tonight on Fox.

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