First 10 Minutes of Ultimate Avengers 2 Online Wednesday

Habbo and Lionsgate have announced that you’ll get your first peek at Ultimate Avengers online on tomorrow, Wednesday, July 26:

This July, through a partnership with HABBO, one of the world’s largest and hottest on-line destinations for teenagers, Lionsgate, the leading independent filmed entertainment studio, will premiere the first 10 minutes of its highly-anticipated Marvelâ„¢ animated feature, Ultimate Avengers 2, on the popular website, This event marks the first time the online community will be able to view 10 full minutes of a never-before-seen film prior to its release. A virtual red-carpet premiere event will be held at the Habbo Theaterdome on July 26th at 4:00pm PST, where a host of “special guests” will be in attendance, including the human personas of Captain Americaâ„¢ (Steve Rogers), Iron Manâ„¢ (Tony Stark), The Hulkâ„¢ (Bruce Banner) and Black Pantherâ„¢ (T’Challa). This will be a “black tie” affair – and all Habbos in attendance will be required to dress in black.

During the premiere event, registered users of the site, called “Habbos” will be able to attend by logging in to the virtual community and entering the Habbo Theaterdome to view the film footage and also respond within the community immediately – even while the footage is still playing. After the premiere showing is completed, Habbos will be treated to an interactive Q&A session with the Marvel Heroes from the movie who attended the premiere. Once the premiere event concludes, all other Habbos will be able to view the footage on for two weeks leading up to the August 8th DVD release of Ultimate Avengers 2.

“This partnership with Habbo on Ultimate Avengers 2 opens up exciting, new ways to reach a big audience and do it in a breakthrough way that strengthens the involvement of the consumer” said Michael Rathauser, Vice President of Marketing, Lionsgate. “The Habbo world provides a unique opportunity to not only stream our content for viewing online, but to do it in a community environment that encourages instant reaction to the footage and which generates the potential for significant word-of-mouth. With Habbo’s enthusiastic, highly involved user base, the buzz about the movie will just continue to build leading up to the DVD release.”

“By partnering with Lionsgate, we are making it possible for our users, aka ‘Habbos,’ and Marvel fans to interact with one another and extend their Avengers experience through an online event like no other. The Habbo teen community undoubtedly already feels a strong connection to the Avengers characters, such as the HULK, Captain America, Thor, and Iron man, but at the same time, Habbo provides a great forum to attract a new audience as well. This will be the first real time interaction and feedback session of its kind in an online environment, instantly giving the users a sense of ownership,” said Janne Kouri, Regional Director, North America.

Ultimate Avengers 2 is the second film in a multi-picture deal between Lionsgate and Marvel Studios and is the sequel to Ultimate Avengers: The Movie. Available on DVD on August 8th for the suggested retail price of $19.98, the film is set in Wakanda, deep in the heart of Africa, and features non-stop animated action that stays true to its comic book roots. Additionally, it boasts highly-entertaining bonus features including a gag reel, a featurette, DVD-ROM game and more.

Source: Lionsgate