Brec Bassinger Describes Acting With Stargirl’s Cosmic Staff

Five episodes into Stargirl’s inaugural season, Courtnet Whitmore is still learning the ropes of being a hero. However, it sounds like Brec Bassinger faced her own challenges while getting ready to play DC’s star-spangled heroine. Namely, she had to learn how to “act” alongside the character’s signature weapon: the Cosmic Staff. And in a new interview with co-star Joel McHale, Bassinger explains how she pulled this off.

McHale appears on Stargirl as Courtney’s predecessor, Sylvester Pemberton/Starman, so he had his own experience with the Cosmic Staff. When he asked Bassinger what it was like to engage with the prop, Bassinger revealed that series creator Geoff Johns already had a good idea of what their “interactions” should look like.

“There was definitely like a learning period, a lot of trial and error,” explained Bassinger. “Not only with, like, the practicality of the Staff, like the light beam and how they were going to do the digital effects after. But also just it as my scene partner. Geoff was constantly having to remind me, ‘Brec, remember, it’s animate. It’s having reactions to the things you’re saying. Don’t let it just stand there. React to it. Make it move.’”

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Bassinger went on to explain that she would highlight each mention of the Cosmic Staff in every new episode’s script. From here, she would come up with ways that the Staff would react to her own actions so she could “keep it alive.”

“It’s one of my favorite characters in the whole show,” added Bassinger.

The next episode of Stargirl premieres next Monday, June 22, on DC Universe

You can watch McHale’s interview with Bassinger below. What do you think of Bassinger’s performance with the Cosmic Staff so far? Let us know in the comments down below!

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