Matthew Vaughn Planning Kick-Ass Reboot, More Kingsman Movies

Empire Magazine sat down with filmmaker Matthew Vaughn for an interview where he revealed big plans for the worlds of some Mark Millar properties, both Kick-Ass and Kingsman.

Vaughn revealed to the magazine that plans are already underway to reboot the Kick-Ass series with a brand new film and that a solo Hit-Girl movie is also in development. It remains to be seen if the new Kick-Ass movie will follow in the foot steps of the first two films and focus on the Dave Lizewski character (the original Kick-Ass) or Patience Lee (the new Kick-Ass in the pages of Millar’s comic). Questions also remain about whether a Hit-Girl solo movie will focus on her exploits as an older assassin or her younger years. The director did offer a hint about both of these things though, saying “Look what Mark Millar is doing with the comic for clues.” In the new comics, Hit-Girl travels the world righting wrongs and slashing throats around the globe.

With Kingsman, Vaughn is planning quite an expansion with the franchise, including a third film in the main series (concluding the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship as he says) and a spin-off about the Kingsman in the early 20th century titled Kingsman: The Great Game. Vaughn confirmed to the outlet that those two movies will film back-to-back as well. In addition, Vaughn is making plans for an eight-hour Kingsman TV series, though no details were given on what to expect there, as well as a spin-off about the Statesman, the American counterpart that featured Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, and Halle Berry in the sequel.

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