Hit-Girl Faces the Canadian Wilderness in Exclusive Preview of Hit-Girl #6

Hit-Girl Faces the Canadian Wilderness in Exclusive Preview of Hit-Girl #6

The next issue of Mark Millar’s ongoing Hit-Girl series continues next month with Hit-Girl #5, bringing the tiny killer to the wilds of Canada! Who better to bring the vigilante’s Candian antics to life than Eisner award winning writer Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer, Essex County)! Joining Lemire for Mindy’s Canadian journey is artist Eduardo Risso.

​”​Taking over Hit​-​Girl from Mark Millar is too​ ​much fun​,​” Lemire said. “And the chance to do it with a legend like Eduardo Risso, who​se​ work I’ve admired for a long time, makes it even more incredible. But the best part of all is taking Mindy home to Canada. You can bet there will be some blood splattered in the snow very soon. And if hockey players think thy know how to curse, they haven’t heard anything yet.”

Mindy’s adventures in the Great White North will continue in July in Hit-Girl #6 and you can check out our exclusive preview of the series in the gallery below!

Hit-Girl #6 arrives in stores on July 25 and is described as follows: HIT-GIRL’S IN CANADA.On the second stop of her crime-fighting world tour, Mindy is locked, loaded, and ready to seriously mess up some Canadians. JEFF LEMIRE and EDUARDO RISSO take on MARK MILLAR’s psychotic, 12-year-old Hit-Girl as she unravels a drug trafficking operation in the frozen north—and leaves a trail of blood in her wake.

Mindy’s Canadian adventure begins June 20 in Hit-Girl #5!

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