Hardcover Book The Superman Files to Serve as Historical Record for the Man of Steel

In the distant future, people will continue to be inspired by Superman’s good deeds and the heroic life he lead here on Earth. Which is why Brainiac 5, curator of the Superman Museum, has compiled a book detailing everything about the Man of Steel. You can read the full press release about it below!

Far into the future, the legacy of the world’s greatest Super Hero endures. The Superman Files (Andrews McMeel Publishing, November, $75) celebrates the triumphs and trials of 75 years of the Man of Steel in the most comprehensive and complete chronicle of his life ever created.

One thousand years from now, a group of super-powered teenagers are inspired by Superman’s legacy. As the Legion of Super-Heroes, they dedicate their lives to fighting crime and protecting the citizens of the United Planets. Like many in our current time, members of the 31st Century Legion idolize Superman. They frequent the Superman Museum, marvel at tales of his past, and a few of them even travel back in time to Clark Kent’s teenage years. In a future without precise records of the 21st Century, Brainiac 5 (a highly intelligent descendant of Superman’s arch foe, the original Brainiac) takes it upon himself to compile a tribute to his hero and friend. Collecting accounts from a myriad of sources, he compiles the greatest historical record in the universe of the life and times of the Man of Steel in The Superman Files.
Produced in conjunction with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Andrews McMeel Publishing is proud to present Brainiac’s groundbreaking volume outlining the history and evolution of the heroic icon. From recounting Superman’s birth on Krypton as Kal-El and his voyage to Earth onward, The Superman Files provides a fascinating look at the enigmatic figure that millions of fans call their own Super Hero.
Details about Clark’s friends—including his beloved Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and seasoned newspaper editor Perry White, as well as Superman’s adversaries Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Doomsday, and Bizarro, appear throughout this remarkable treasure of Superman facts.
A formidable volume filled with exquisite detail, The Superman Files is the perfect gift, a must-have for hardcore Superman fans, and a collector’s dream sure to thrill fans past, present, and future.
Among its features:
  • Secrets of the daily life of Clark Kent
  • Daily Planet newspaper articles and eyewitness accounts of Superman’s exploits
  • Never-before-seen childhood mementos and journal entries by Clark Kent
  • Top-secret case data only known to Superman
  • Favorite destinations in Metropolis
  • Surviving artifacts from Krypton
  • Schematics for the Fortress of Solitude and other technology employed by Superman
  • Files from Stryker’s Island Prison
  • Hundreds of images of Superman’s enemies and allies
The 312 page “The Superman Files” will go on sale on November 5, 2013 and cost $75.00
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