Mike Flanagan Clarifies New Clayface Movie Rumors

As fun as it would be to see Mike Flanagan make a horror movie set in the DC Universe, that doesn’t seem to be happening…yet. During a podcast interview earlier this month, Flanagan revealed that he pitched his ideas for a standalone Clayface movie to a DC producer a few years back. And yesterday, Deadline seemed to confirm that Flanagan had once again started talking with Warner Bros. about making the film. But the director insists the news is being blown out of proportion.

Taking to his official Twitter account after the story broke, Flanagan denied that a Clayface movie is on his current schedule. Moreover, he called the news “speculative” at best, but he didn’t rule out ever taking a stab at Basil Karlo’s alter-ego.

Deadline’s original report claimed Flanagan and his Intrepid Pictures partner, Trevor Macy, met with DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran about finally making his Clayface film a reality. Sources also teased that Clayface wouldn’t be depicted as a villain in Flanagan’s movie. However, other insiders suggested that the character could end up having a presence in The Batman: Part II, which hits theaters in 2025. For now, the script for the sequel is in a state of flux, so nothing is officially set in stone.

The idea of Flanagan developing his own Clayface movie lines up with another report that began circulating last October, which said The Batman director Matt Reeves was developing a handful of spinoffs focusing on the Dark Knight’s villains. Clayface was floated as a possibility alongside other characters like Scarecrow and Professor Pyg. Regardless, there hasn’t been any additional news about these projects since then.

In the meantime, Flanagan already seems to have his hands full with his upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series for Amazon Prime, which he’s envisioning as five seasons plus two standalone features. He’s also putting the finishing touches on his upcoming Netflix series, The Fall of the House of Usher, which premieres later this year.

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