Patty Jenkins Updates the Status of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

With recent revelations that the script for Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is not yet finished, some may have speculated that the project was just beginning. Not so, according to Patty Jenkins. At a June press event for the revamped Warner Bros. Studio Tour, she discussed some details with The Hollywood Reporter. The trade finally published the interview this weekend. And it seems she’s further along than most thought.

“I had been on it already for six months before I even announced that,” she said, of the December 2020 project announcement. “So we’re pretty deep into it. We’re finishing a script, crewing up, and it’s all going wonderful.” Doing the math, that means they’re a year into it now.

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The DC Universe mostly didn’t require her Wonder Woman movies to deal with a lot of excess continuity. But Star Wars works very differently, while still allowing her the creative control she wants.

“It’s an entirely different way of working,” she says. “I’m on the phone with all of them and doing Zoom meetings with everybody involved in Star Wars all the time. I’m fairly free to do the story that we want to do, but you really need to know who’s done what, who’s doing what, where it goes and how it works, and what designs have been done before. It’s a whole other way of working that I’m getting up to speed on.”

It sounds as though Lucasfilm just wants to be really thorough in preserving the timeline. And a lack of redundancy across its multiple projects. Previous spin-off directors like Josh Trank and Phil Lord and Chris Miller couldn’t handle the process to Lucasfilm’s satisfaction, but since The Mandalorian, the company seems to have become more inviting for a wide variety of talent.

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