Patty Jenkins Reveals How She Was Recruited To Direct Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Patty Jenkins Reveals How She Was Recruited To Direct Rogue Squadron

The future of Star Wars may be on Disney+, but the franchise is far from finished with the big screen. One of the key announcements from the Disney Investor Day presentation was that Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins had signed on to direct Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. While speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, Jenkins indicated that Lucasfilm came to her with the pitch.

“What happened was [Lucasfilm] just approached me and [asked] would I ever be interested and I said it would really depend on what the story was,” said Jenkins. “I just always want to make sure that I feel I can make an amazing movie. And when they said Rogue Squadron I almost gasped. Because I couldn’t believe that they were so wise to know and somehow intuit that that’s exactly what I’ve been dying to do for so long because of my past and growing up around fighter pilots. It really is a movie I’ve been dying to make. I spent years trying to make a movie about Chuck Yeager. So this is just a huge honor to get to take this on.”

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This will also make Jenkins the first woman to direct a Star Wars feature film. And that fact is not lost on her.

“If I can be in a groundbreaking position to pave the way for other people, that’s amazing. I hope that I get to do that,” added Jenkins. “But luckily [Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984] were not no pressure, either. So I’ve gotten pretty used to the fact that there’s really nothing you can do about it. You just have to try to make a great film and really be diligent about keeping your eye on the ball and always making sure you’re thinking about everything. So I will carry forward and try to make a great movie.”

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will hit theaters on December 25, 2023.

Are you excited to see what Jenkins comes up with for her first Star Wars film? Let us know in the comment section below!

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