The Tomorrow War Director Still Hopes to Make His Nightwing Movie

It has been a while since fans heard about the Nightwing live-action movie. Back in 2018, Warner Bros. announced that The Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay would helm a film based on Dick Grayson with Bill Dubuque penning the script. Years have passed since that announcement, but the news didn’t follow. In the meantime, McKay worked on the upcoming The Tomorrow War movie, which he hopes may get the ball rolling at Warner Bros. after its release.

“What I hope is that Warner Brothers and DC watch The Tomorrow War and get really excited again about the Nightwing movie that we’ve been talking about,” McKay said while talking with Den of Geek. “I hope that we get a chance to go out and make that Dick Grayson and Nightwing film. That particular part of Robin, growing from being under Batman to becoming Nightwing, and Bludhaven and all that stuff… It’s a really personal story to me.”

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The director didn’t reveal too much about his plans, including the name of the villain who would lock horns with the titular hero. However, he said that it would be an action-packed, solid take on the character.

“I hesitate to even bring up comparisons [to other action movies] because it might even give too much away,” he added. “To me, it’s an action, thrill ride movie that’s got an emotional story at its heart. It’s a little bit about growing up under the shadow of somebody and coming into your own. I’m super-excited about that and I hope that we are in a place after Tomorrow War comes out that Warner Bros. wants to make that Nightwing movie.”

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