Nightwing’s Batman: Arkham City Escrima Stick Gets a Prop Replica

McFarlane Toys may have most of the Batman collectible toy rights, but NECA has the prop replicas. And after they do a couple of Batarangs, which are, after all, obligatory…they’re equipping Nightwing. From the Batman: Arkham City video game, Nightwing’s escrima stick features lights and motion features. And it should be a boon to Gotham-themed cosplayers everywhere.

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Powered by (non-included) batteries, the stick features LED lights and a vibrating function to mimic the electrical pulse from the game. Press a button, and the 12-inch weapon springs out to 18 inches. Created from the digital files used to build the game. Arriving at retailers in June, the stick is up for preorder at several sites for around $35. With the Batarangs running around $30-$40, it was always likely to be reasonable.

Needless to say, this is a prop replica only. Not for use as an actual weapon, or for vibrating anything other than hands. But in a pinch it could also masquerade as a sonic screwdriver for a Time Lord or Lady.

Take a look in the gallery below for more shots of the escrima stick loose and in package.

Will you take Dick Grayson’s enforcement weapon into your own hands? Let us know in our comments section below.

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