Mondo Brings the Solo: A Star Wars Story Soundtrack To Vinyl

Getting a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story might be a long shot at this point. However, fans of the film will soon be able to own its rousing musical themes on vinyl. Via io9, Mondo has announced plans to release John Powell’s score on two LPs housed in an immaculately-designed package.

It wouldn’t be a Mondo exclusive if the company didn’t enlist a singular talent to handle its design work. That’s why César Moreno was tapped to create new graphics for the release. Moreno’s cover for the soundtrack depicts Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Qi’ra, and Tobias Beckett huddled together in the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit, fearing for their lives as Han navigates the fabled Kessel Run. But the gatefold artwork is even more beautiful, showing the crew (along with Lando’s droid co-pilot, L3-37) making their escape on Kessel. The actual music is pressed on two 180-gram “Hyperspace”-colored discs, while the sleeve fits snugly inside a Falcon-inspired slipcase.

Powell wasn’t the only one who lent his musical talents to Solo’s soundtrack. Original Star Wars composer John Williams also came aboard to conduct the “Adventures of Han” theme. Other tracks feature selections from his earlier Star Wars work that made it into the film as well. Powell and Williams also shared a Grammy nomination in 2019 for one of the soundtrack’s offerings, “Mine Mission.”

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“The music of Star Wars is so essential and monumental that it seems an impossible task for any new composer to take the reins,” said Mo Shafeek, Mondo creative director of music, in a statement. “But John Powell’s original score, complimented by John Williams’ new Han Solo theme, is such non-stop bombastic nostalgic fun that it proves to be essential listening for fans of the series.”

The Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack will be available to pre-order from Mondo’s website starting Wednesday, December 2.

You can take a look at the soundtrack’s artwork below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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