Russian Comic Movie Major Grom: The Plague Doctor Gets Intriguing Trailer

It seems that Russia is contributing to the comic-book movie genre with some heroes of its own. The official trailer for the upcoming Major Grom: The Plague Doctor has arrived. The story is an adaptation of the series that ran from 2012 to 2015 and published by Bubble Comics. The trailer introduces to the protagonist of the story, Major Igor Grom, who is a police detective in the St. Petersburg crimes unit and a skilled martial artist as well. As the city burns, a new vigilante wearing a bubonic plague-era beak mask has made his appearance. He wants to enforce justice on his own and kill some criminals. It will be up to Grom to try and stop the masked Plague Doctor before he ignites a revolution.

Back in February 2017, a short Major Grom film set the tone for the release of the upcoming full-length feature. The new trailer shows that the movie looks to have similarities to Todd Phillips’ Joker, especially in a scene involving social rioting and protesters wearing Plague Doctor masks. You can watch the Major Grom: The Plague Doctor trailer in the player below (remember to turn on the English subtitles, though).

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In the comics, The Plague Doctor arc sees Major Grom investigating a series of seemingly unrelated high-profile murders. As the city’s homeless population thins, the police officer has to use offbeat methods and underground connections to find out the truth. Eventually, he learns the Plague Doctor is an eccentric self-made billionaire who wanted to clean up the city from “undesirable” citizens.

The Major Grom: The Plague Doctor cast features Tikhon Zhiznevskiy and Lyubov Aksenova. Artyom Gabrelyanov, Michael Kitaev, as well as Olga Filipuk and Roman Kotkov are lead producers. According to Deadline, the movie had a $10M budget and wrapped production just before the coronavirus lockdown.

Major Grom: The Plague Doctor hasn’t an official release date yet. What do you think about the trailer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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