Super7 Gives Godzilla vs. Biollante the Ultimates Figure Treatment


Super7 as a company grew out of founder Brian Flynn’s passion for obscure Japanese Godzilla toys. Initially, the company offered a magazine chronicling rare collectibles he’d heard about through various grapevines. It evolved into a vinyl toy company next. And in more recent years, Super7 has become a powerhouse competitor to the majors with its ReAction and Ultimates figures. Eventually, it was only a matter of time before Godzilla finally crashed the Ultimates party, in the most detailed line Super7 offers. And in his debut, he’s bringing Biollante along.

Sort-of in scale with NECA’s previous figures, and Super7’s Power Rangers Zords and Voltron, 1989 Godzilla stands 8 inches tall with a 14-inch tail. Like other oversized Ultimates, he runs $85, and includes alternate head, neck, and hands. Biollante, the mutant rose monster, lacks the tail heft but makes up for it in extras. Two removable vine heads and two severed battle-damage vine heads feature opening jaws. The main rose head features two interchangeable portraits, and the figure itself features six articulated vines.

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Sales permitting, expect this line to deliver plenty in the future. Super7 has toy rights for all Toho Godzilla-based monsters except for their versions of King Kong and the recent Legendary interpretations. Roland Emmerich’s 1998 ‘Zilla, however, might be possible if fans demand him, since he did appear briefly in a Toho film to get the beating he deserved.

Preorders are live now at Super7, or save on shipping at other sites like Entertainment Earth. (EntertainmentEarth are affiliate partners with Superhero Hype, and this site may earn fees from purchases made through links.) What Toho monster would you like to see go Ultimate? Let us know in comments.

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