Comic-Styled Conan and Kull Ultimates Figures by Super7

Super7‘s not done with the Conan the Barbarian toy license yet. While interest may have cooled on their movie-based figures, the latest wave goes back to the comics, with ’70s-artwork styled figures of Conan the Barbarian and Kull the Conqueror, the Robert E. Howard character who predates Conan. Following Howard’s death, Kull was retconned into being a direct ancestor of Conan’s.

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Also featured in a mostly forgettable Kevin Sorbo movie, Kull is a more introspective character than Conan, who agonizes about doing the right thing, and would rather be a general than a king. His biography is similar to the Schwarzenegger movie Conan: a slave who became a gladiator, then a mercenary, and finally a king.

Both figures use the modified Masters of the Universe Classics buck that the movie Conan figures relied on. Conan is his usual shirtless self, with grim, determined eyes like he pulled the worst all-nighter ever. Kull’s warrior-king garb makes him look more naked than he actually is, since his armor is so small and seems like it’s missing something underneath. No matter — he’s basically a bodybuilder too and needs to show off that rough-hewn bod.

. Both men come with an axe and a sword each, as well as alternate heads and hands, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Order both figures in a set from Super7 to get an extra set of weapons with blood-splatter

Preorders close August 4th, with shipping tentatively set for next April. If you prefer just Conan or just Kull, check other sites for shipping-combo deals.

Could this lead to more Howard-based characters like Red Sonja? They did just use a female body type for Valeria that could be adaptable. We’ll have to see. It would be a shame if this meant the end of the movie figures, but likeness issues plagued those from the start.

Here are the official pics of Conan and Kull: